Company Directors

Emma Pisano 

Began my career in the Art dept Glasgow, this is where I embark my love of greens set dressing & prop making. Returned to London and the rest is history. My passion for creating natural looking sets is immense.


Nicholas Eiloart 

My first day on greens was 26 years ago, dressing the Bio Dome  for Lost in Space, that day shaped my future. Learning every day, I always look forward to the next challenge.


Hannah Marti-levell

Combining my 20 years of floristry knowledge and expertise, with greens set dressing has been an exhilarating challenge, it allows my passion for flowers and plants to thrive and will continue throughout all our new projects.



Over the 26 years, we have amassed many freelance contacts, that has produced an amazing team, of innovative set dressers which has created a great work ethic. So, no matter the size of the production, we have the tools and capability to construct any set you require.