Nikki Bradley

Assistant set dec 

We booked Feature Greens for what was originally a small job, which later developed into a sixth month project. Dispite the complexity of our briefs, the team delivered in every sense of the word and often at very late notice. Their attention to detail and dedication towards their craft is exceptional, and i am immeasurably grateful to have worked with this company. For this reason, I cannot recommend them enough. 
Alexander Stannus

Art Director

My experience of Feature Greens is limited to one block of filming. But given the diversity of the challenging locations (urban, futuristic, deep rural) and time of year- Dec/Jan- it didn’t take long to appreciate they are a reliable team ready with quick and creative solutions that hit the mark. It’s a bonus that they are a pleasure to be around, and I’m looking forward to the next one.
Kate Guyan

Set Decorator

“I have worked with Nick on many jobs over the last ten years, both studios builds and location work, and the experience has always been very positive. From suggesting and selecting the right plants through landscaping and dressing, the team have always been excellent. Regarding logistics they are straightforward to deal with, respond quickly and have always been flexible when it comes to last minute changes. I would highly recommend.”

Joe Withers

Art Director 

“Emma and the whole team are fantastic, knowing exactly when to advise and lead a task at hand. Whether its changing entire gardens from one season to another between scenes or finding a sustainable way to keep greens looking fresh and vibrant, it’s always been amazing to work with them. Nothing is ever too much of a challenge and they are amazing problem solvers.”

Fiona Albrow

Set Decorator 

Nick, Hannah and Emma are always a pleasure to work with. They have a great problem solving, creative approach which masked them the perfect collaborators.

Andrea Matheson 

Designer/Art Director